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Intel’s Comet Lake-S CPUs do not appear to be doing too well in the market.

According to new sales data (via TechEpiphany) from German retailer Mindfactory, the top-selling 10th Gen SKU – Intel’s Core i7-10700K – saw only 50 sales last week. That’s an embarrassing sum compared to the forerunner, AMD’s Ryzen 5 3600, which sold 1710 units.

Overall, Mindfactory managed to move 5,270 Ryzen chips but only 770 Intel processors. That’s a win of nearly 90 percent for AMD.

It’s important to note that these numbers stem from a single retailer, but Mindfactory happens to be one of Germany’s largest PC hardware vendors, which certainly doesn’t help the perception of Comet Lake-S, fueling the theory of 10th Gen Core being a flop.

Hopefully, Intel has a better turnout with its successor, Rocket Lake-S. These processors will also be built on a 14 nm manufacturing process.

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  1. They seem to sell out quick. Not that I’m looking for one, but when I do see them they are out of stock mostly. May be due to the shortage of amount produced?
  2. Their 14nm production shortage hasn’t exactly gone away, even if it’s been a few years now.
    Desktop is not a very important market – hell, you don’t even get Tiger Lake on desktop – thus the low quantity of CPUs.
  3. Shock and amazement…. ok not really. They made a new sku to make a new sku with nothing really ‘new’ about it. Then they release an interview saying that benchmarks are meh…

    Yea they are struggling.. no surprise there.

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