NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 Ti Rumored with 24 GB of GDDR6X RAM, $150 Cooler

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Igor’s Lab has some really juicy tidbits regarding NVIDIA’s upcoming lineup of RTX graphics cards. Apparently, the 3080 Ti will not be the flagship product, but an RTX 3090 Ti/SUPER model that flaunts 24 GB of GDDR6X memory with a 384-bit interface and TBP of 350 watts. That’s almost double the RAM of the 3080 model (check out the table below for the specifics).

SKU10PG132GA102RTX 3090(Ti / Super) *24 GB GDDR6X
384-bt350 W.3x DP, HDMI
SKU20PG132GA102RTX 3080(Ti / Super) *11 GB GDDR6X *352-bit *320 W.3x DP, HDMI
SKU30PG132GA102RTX 3080none10 GB GDDR6X320-bit320 W.3x DP, HDMI

Igor also revealed something pretty shocking. Green team’s new cooler design, which has been the focus of most discussions thus far, allegedly costs a whopping $150. NVIDIA fans may have to consider selling a kidney or two to get peak graphical performance this time around.

“The somewhat more complex cooler design of the FE requires a special circuit board with an additional cutout,” wrote Igor’s Lab. “The internal designation is given with PG133 and the board should be used equally for all three versions on the launch day. The use of flexible power supply cables, which lead to the separate sockets at the end of the card, is also right here. The PCB and these cables alone will be a real challenge for the manufacturers of GPU water blocks.”

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