NVIDIA’s Flagship GeForce RTX 3090 GPU Could Have a 350-Watt TGP

NVIDIA’s upcoming lineup of RTX GPUs is expected to draw quite a bit more power than the current roster. Igor’s Lab, which (to the dismay of green team) has been on a roll these past few days with RTX 3000-series leaks, now estimates that the next GeForce king will have a significantly higher TGP (Total Graphics Power) than the RTX 2080 Ti (250/260 W). Apparently, the RTX 3090 could have a TGP and TDP as high as 350 W and 230 W, respectively. The following is how Igor broke the power consumption down.

Estimated Power Consumption / Losses

Total Graphics Power TGP350 Watts
24 GB GDDR6X Memory (GA_0180_P075_120X140, 2.5 Watts per Module)-60 Watts
MOSFET, Inductor, Caps NVDD (GPU Voltage)-26 Watts
MOSFET, Inductor, Caps FBVDDQ (Framebuffer Voltage)-6 Watts
MOSFET, Inductor, Caps PEXVDD (PCIExpress Voltage)-2 Watts
Other Voltages, Input Section (AUX)-4 Watts
Fans, Other Power-7 Watts
PCB Losses-15 Watts
GPU Powerapprox. 230 Watts

Again, the figures here are merely estimates, but the massive and cleverly designed heatsink that we’ve seen so far does allude to some serious increases in the power department. Assuming that these numbers ring true, NVIDIA has clearly stressed performance gains rather than efficiency under the 7 nm node.

Leaker @kopite7kimi has also shared the potential core count for the RTX 3000 series. The new TITAN RTX (GA102-400) could boast 5376 CUDA Cores, while the RTX 3090 (GA102-300) and RTX 3080 (GA102-200) might feature 5248 and 4352, respectively. For comparison, the GeForce RTX 2080 Ti has 4352 CUDA Cores.

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