Sources: AMD’s Ryzen 4000 “Zen 3” Processors on Track for 2020 Release

Image: AMD

AMD fans haven’t been happy about yesterday’s DigiTimes report, which claimed that red team’s Ryzen 4000 processors had been delayed until 2021. While the news didn’t seem far fetched, especially in light of today’s Ryzen 9 3900XT, Ryzen 7 3800XT, and Ryzen 5 3600XT announcement, we’re now hearing that AMD’s Zen 3-based SKUs will, in fact, launch this year, as previous rumors had suggested.

The claim comes from PCWorld’s Gordon Mah Ung, who was told by unspecified sources that Ryzen 4000 is on track for 2020. Unfortunately, no additional information was provided, which means that we’re in for a guessing game until AMD makes an official announcement.

“According to motherboard manufacturers, sales for Ryzen 3000 series are hot,” DigiTimes wrote in its original report. “Accordingly, AMD is extending its life cycle, and definitely will not be launching the next-gen Ryzen 4000 series, based on Zen3 architecture and using TSMC’s 7nm EUV process, in Sep. The earliest Ryzen 4000 series will enter mass production is end of 2020, and launch in Jan 2021 at CES. Whether it will be changed to 5nm EUV process is unclear at the moment.”

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