Acer Teases Predator X25 Monitor with 360 Hz Refresh Rate

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Image: Acer

During today’s global press conference, Acer introduced its latest Predator monitor, the X25. This could be a great choice for gamers who are particular about refresh rates, as it flaunts a 360 Hz 1080p panel. While the exact display technology hasn’t been specified on its product page, an IPS panel seems pretty likely, as competitors (i.e., ASUS and Dell) have already teased 360 Hz monitors with in-plane switching.

The Acer Predator X25 monitor does support NVIDIA G-SYNC for smooth, tear-free gameplay, as well as other perks such as AdaptiveLight technology, which, as its name might imply, automatically adjusts brightness based on the environment for an improved picture.

Additionally, LightSense and ColorSense “will adjust your on-screen brightness and color based on external environmental lighting – keeping you from having to make minor adjustments on your own. ProxiSense will offer up rest suggestions for long playtimes giving users, and their eyes, a needed break.”

Tsing Mui
News poster at The FPS Review.

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