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AMD’s Ryzen 4000-series “Renoir” CPUs have proven to be a pretty sweet deal, but when is red team dumping Vega and empowering its APU family with its latest and greatest GPU architecture, RDNA? Not for a while, it seems. Igor Wallossek has posted a handful of new leaks, which reveal that Ryzen 5000 “Cezanne” – Renoir’s successor – will still be stuck with a Vega-based iGPU (Vega 20, to be exact).

Apparently, the RDNA architecture will not enter the picture until the “Van Gough” and “Rembrandt” generations. While the low-powered Van Gough family will be the first to incorporate an RDNA-based iGPU, Rembrandt will be the first to flaunt both RDNA graphics and Zen 3 cores. Needless to say, most eyes are on the latter.

Wallossek also revealed that Ryzen 4000 “Vermeer” chips are currently at the B0 stepping stage, which implies that they’re all set for mass production. Despite rumors of a delay into 2021, AMD has confirmed that its first Zen 3-based CPUs will surface later this year.

Image: expreview

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  1. Well all these apus are choked at memory speed… I’ve assume they’ll put the dna2 along with the ddr5. Of course im sure they could make an extreme powerful apu with hbm2 on a package… But that would require a new socket… Might be worth it though.
  2. Thus far, the speculations go that these APUs – Ryzen 5000 APUs should already be Zen3, and these 6000’s would still come prior to Zen4 – will likely be the first entry in a new DDR5 socket.

    But those are guesses, so we shall see. What is unfortunate is that they seem to want to squish in Renoir along with Zen3 – instead of giving them a separate release.
    I would’ve loved to play around with those, but it’s likely going to be rather pointless when they’re pitted up directly against Vermeer.

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