Microsoft Will Reportedly Announce the Xbox Series S in August

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Image: Microsoft

Microsoft will finally unveil its weaker, oft-rumored Xbox variant, “Lockhart,” in August. That’s according to a report from Eurogamer, which claims that the Xbox Series S was originally supposed to be announced this month, during E3 2020 (RIP).

While the new date is largely speculative, August does seem to add up. June is nearly over, and Microsoft already has a major event scheduled for July, in which it’ll show off its first-party Xbox Series X games (e.g., Halo Infinite) for the first time.

“The original plan was to showcase the Xbox Series S as part of Xbox’s big E3 2020 show, so the proposition of a cheaper next-gen option could be explained properly, sat alongside the graphical powerhouse provided by the beefier Series X, both playing the same next-gen games,” explained Eurogamer.

“But when E3 was cancelled and remote working hindered progress on various internal game projects, it became clear Microsoft could no longer show both its boxes and next-gen games all at the same time. It had to rethink the timeline for all these plans, and instead opted to spread its reveals over a longer timescale – something the company publicly branded Xbox 20/20.”

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