[PR] ASUS ROG Maximus XII Apex Motherboard Now Available

Image: ASUS

ASUS today announced that the ROG Maximus XII Apex motherboard is now available for purchase at North American retailers and system integrators for $420 USD. The Apex starts its record-breaking journey with an overclocking-optimized six-layer PCB and 16-teamed-phase power design, with a huge heatsink atop the power components to ensure that they stay cool. To help deliver the extensive power needed to extract record-breaking potential from 10th Gen Intel Core processors, the Apex includes two eight-pin power connectors at its top left corner in addition to the standard 24-pin ATX connector.

The Apex’s OptiMem III design puts 5000MHz RAM multipliers and beyond at users’ fingertips, and the extensive array of OC settings in the firmware give users the tools to go well past stock performance potential. The comprehensive set of headers atop the Apex covers both standard and high-amperage fans, along with liquid-cooling control headers and sensors. ProbeIt voltage measurement points sit alongside the right edge, next to a quartet of DIP switches for controlling your overclocking bench’s boot sequence. The POST code display and pair of start and remappable FlexKey buttons round out the onboard control hub.

Marking a new performance milestone, overclockers took the Intel Core i9-10900K all the way up to 7.7 GHz frequencies on all 10 of its cores and overclocked the memory to 6666 MHz. Visit the ASUS ROG Maximus XII Apex product page to learn more, or purchase today for $420 USD at system integrators Digital Storm, CyberPower and coming soon to Newegg in house SI, ABS or Amazon, Newegg and Newegg Canada.

About ROG Maximus XII Apex

ROG Maximus XII Apex stands out even among the ROG family as a motherboard made to give overclockers and enthusiasts unrestrained power over Intel 10th Generation processors. To learn more, read here for a detailed product introduction.

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