Codemasters Reveals New Details and Screenshots for DIRT 5

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DIRT 5 Rear View
Image: Codemasters

Codemasters is readying itself for the next installment of the DIRT franchise. DIRT 5 will be its first venture onto next-gen consoles. It is also one of the games recently listed as being optimized for the Xbox Series X. One feature planned for the new console is the ability to race at 120 fps. It has also just published a “Tour Path” detailing summer-long events leading to the October release.

Image: Codemasters

As part of its July events, it has begun releasing details, and screenshots, of the upcoming game. Thirteen car classes have been announced, and producer Stuart Boyd had this to say about them.

Variety is a massive part of our vision for DIRT 5, and we’ve made sure that this is represented in the game’s car classes and car roster. One moment, you’re tackling the most challenging terrain in a huge rock bouncer; the next, you’re blasting through a multi-surface circuit race with rallycross cars heavy on speed and grip; and then you’re carving a path through jungle-like routes with lively buggies and unlimited trucks.

Image: Codemasters
  1. Cross Raid
  2. Rock Bouncer
  3. Formula Off Road
  4. Rally Cross
  5. Classic Rally
  6. 80s Rally
  7. 90s Rally
  8. Modern Rally
  9. Rally GT
  10. Sprint
  11. Pre Runners
  12. Unlimited
  13. Super Lites
Image: Codemasters

DIRT 5 will initially launch on PC and current-gen consoles on October 9th, with Xbox Series X and PS5 versions to follow. Pre-orders are up on the store page here.

Image: Codemasters
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