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If you’re wondering why Crytek decided to delay Crysis Remastered, look no further, as PC Gaming Videos’s latest upload shows how the original’s art direction and details have been butchered in various scenes.

While the remastered version manages to hold its own in certain spots (e.g., the iconic beach scene) thanks to modern effects such as screen space reflections, there are plenty of shocking downgrades, which include lower-quality textures and missing effects (e.g., radial blur). Many Crysis fans are pointing out that they can’t even tell which version is which on most of the scenes.

Crytek has promised that the final version would be polished to a higher standard, but fans may want to remain skeptical. The remaster was designed to run on the Nintendo Switch, after all…

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  1. Remember the good old days when games were not homogenized to look the same on all systems? There’s nothing wrong with accomodating to a particular system but come on Crytek you know better! This looks like a serious cop-out just to cash in for some console sales.
  2. heh.

    Believe it or not, I was looking forward to this.

    I never got around to playing Crysis when it first came out, and I figured the remaster would be a good opportunity.

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