ProArtist’s IFE2 Bracket Solves That Annoying Issue of AMD CPUs Sticking to Coolers

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Images: Chiphell

AMD’s AM4 socket is very easy to work with (just drop a processor down, and hit the lever), but as some users have learned, it comes with an annoying drawback: there isn’t always enough tension and security between the processor and socket to prevent the chip from getting stuck to the cooler when it’s being removed! (If you’re a non-believer, check out AMD’s own installation guide, which warns users to “twist the CPU cooler clockwise and counterclockwise to loosen the seal between the heatsink and the lid of the CPU” during removal.)

Chinese company ProArtist (via Chiphell) has come up with an ingenious (or obvious?) solution for this “sticky” issue with its Desserts 3 CPU cooler, which comes with a special “IFE2” CPU bracket that locks the processor into place. As you might imagine, it looks very easy to install and should ensure that AMD users don’t inadvertently damage their processors and/or sockets during hardware swaps. So, er, when are other/more cooler manufacturers going to include something like this?

Tsing Mui
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