Disney Reportedly Working on Tron 3, with Jared Leto in the Lead

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Despite revolutionary special effects (a younger, all-digital Kevin Flynn!) and a soundtrack by France’s renowned electronic music duo Daft Punk, Tron: Legacy fizzled when it premiered at the box office in 2010, earning only $400 million on a budget of $170 million. Nobody expected a sequel due to such lackluster profits, but according to a new report by The DisInsider, Disney is inexplicably moving ahead with a Tron 3.

Why the gamble? Well, Disney seems pretty adamant on resurrecting the franchise at any cost. See, the company was actually working on a Tron series for its streaming service, Disney+, but now that those plans have fallen through, reverting the property back to the silver screen seems like a natural choice.

“From what I’ve been told, the film is expected to be more of Tron sequel rather than a reboot, and the cast from Tron: Legacy could return,” wrote The DisInsider. “It is unknown at this time if the film will follow the same story as the canceled third Tron film, Tron: Ascension, which would have seen the machine world of The Grid invade the real world. That was also rumored to have featured a character called Ares.”

What’s funny is that most people seem to care more about Daft Punk’s soundtrack than Tron: Legacy itself, so naturally, one of the biggest questions is whether the group will be back or not for another head-banging score. That’s still unclear, but Mitchell Leib, President of Music & Soundtracks for Disney, has reportedly talked to the duo already about returning for a third film.

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