NVIDIA Overtakes Intel As Most Valuable U.S. Chipmaker

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It appears that Jensen Huang is now the newest king of the chipmaking world. If you check out your favorite stock listing, you’ll find that NVIDIA (NVDA) has managed to reach a stunning market capitalization of 251 billion – about three billion more than the previous leader, Intel (INTC), which trails at 248 billion. Needless to say, green team’s ongoing success with GPU technology and investments into related businesses, such as data centers, automobiles, and artificial intelligence, have really paid off.

Just take a look at how NVIDIA’s stock market value has risen since 2016. While there was a significant dip in 2019 stemming from lower GPU sales, increased R&D spending, and other factors, green team’s performance has been undeniably meteoric as of late.

“While Intel’s stock has lost almost 3% in 2020, Nvidia’s has surged 68%,” Reuters reported. “Investors have been betting that the shift to working remotely because of the coronavirus pandemic will continue to fuel fast growth in Nvidia’s datacenter business.”

“Most recently, Intel has suffered setbacks in its sprawling supply chain due to the pandemic, and higher costs related to the development of upcoming “Tiger Lake” 10-nanometer processors.”

How high can NVIDIA go? The GeForce RTX 30 Series is right around the corner.

Tsing Mui
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