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Can Walmart best Amazon with its own membership program? According to a report from Vox’s recode, the retail giant is set to introduce a subscription service called Walmart+, which is essentially Walmart’s version of Amazon Prime. For $98 a year, subscribers can get perks such as same-day delivery of groceries, fuel discounts, and a special credit card. In the future, Walmart+ members may even get access to exclusive video content through the Walmart app.

“When Walmart+ launches, the $98 annual membership is expected to include unlimited same-day delivery of groceries and other goods from Walmart Supercenters, reserved delivery slots and open-slot notifications, as well as some access to Walmart’s new Express two-hour delivery offering, though not unlimited usage,” recode reported. “During the pandemic, customers have run into issues securing grocery delivery slots in some parts of the country as companies like Walmart and Amazon struggled to handle drastic increases in demand for online grocery services.”

“Walmart+ perks are also expected to include discounts on fuel at Walmart gas stations, early access to some product deals, and a Scan & Go service that would allow shoppers to check out in Walmart stores without waiting in line — a tool Walmart briefly tested but discontinued nearly two years ago. A Walmart+-branded credit card will also be introduced at some point after launch.”

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  1. Well they have the potential to be better than Prime based solely on the fact that they have so many store locations. Same day delivery, if they have the fleet to handle it, could out do Amazon’s Prime 2-day delivery easily.
  2. "same day delivery of groceries" this was clearly written before Covid.

    I wonder if the video aspect would just include Vudu credits.

  3. The scan and go is a big plus. Use it at the local Sam’s Club and it’s nice not waiting in line.
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