AMD’s Big Navi Is Supposedly 40 to 50 Percent Faster than the RTX 2080 Ti

Image: AMD

There’s been a lot speculation as to how powerful AMD’s upcoming lineup of high-performance, RDNA 2-based graphics cards will be and whether red team has finally come up with a GPU design that’s competitive with NVIDIA’s greatest offerings. Judging by the rumors that we’ve seen so far regarding the RTX 30 Series, that seems rather unlikely, but YouTuber Moore’s Law Is Dead has shared a few claims that should help Radeon fanatics sleep better at night.

According to his sources, the performance of AMD’s Big Navi will be around 40 to 50 percent higher than NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 2080 Ti! Assuming that those figures weren’t drawn out of a hat, that’s pretty exciting, especially when you consider the prospect of Big Navi being cheaper than the competition. Could we be looking at RTX 2080 Ti performance at a sub-$1,000 cost? Hopefully.

Image: Moore’s Law Is Dead

Moore’s Law Is Dead also claims that Big Navi comprises two 36-CU clusters, which would allude to a graphics card with 72 compute units and 4608 streaming processors. Other specifics include a 384-bit bus, game/boost clock of 2.05 GHz/2.15 GHz, and power usage in the 300-watt range.

AMD and NVIDIA will allegedly unleash their next-generation graphics cards this September. Moore’s Law is actually encouraging RTX 2080 Ti owners to sell off their GPUs right now, but, well, that’s for you to decide whether that makes sense or not.

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