Just Cause Is Getting a Movie Adaptation

Image: Avalanche Studios

With flop after flop, you’d think that Hollywood would consider giving up on video game movies, but no, we’re getting another! Deadline has learned that Rico Rodriguez is coming to the silver screen courtesy of director Michael Dowse, who has signed on to direct an adaptation of Avalanche Studios and Square Enix’s open-world, action-adventure franchise, Just Cause.

“The film will follow the video game’s blueprint, as Rico Rodriguez is on a race-against-time mission to stop the mercenary group The Black Hand,” reported Deadline. “The series draws its name from the real-life U.S. invasion of Panama, code-named ‘Operation Just Cause.’ Rodriguez (aka ‘The Scorpion’) has become one of the few Latino iconic video game characters. He has a signature ‘agent of chaos’ approach to taking down the bad guys. There will be a female co-lead giving Just Cause a Romancing the Stone vibe. The video game series has shipped over 35 million units worldwide.”

Just Cause 4 actually failed both critically and financially, so the timing of this announcement isn’t exactly ideal. The film may have some potential, though – it’s being scripted by Derek Kolstad, the guy who penned the John Wick movies.

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