Henry Cavill’s Black Superman Suit Unveiled In New Justice League Clip

Image: DC Comics

One of the most glaring omissions from Joss Whedon’s butchered release of Justice League is Henry Cavill’s mythical, black Superman suit. Despite being thoroughly teased during Zack Snyder’s tenure, the inky costume never did appear in the 2017 version of the film, which left fans wondering whether they’d ever be able to see it in action beyond an unfinished, behind-the-scenes clip. Well, it’s finally happening.

During today’s Justice Con panel, Zack Snyder streamed a never-before-seen Justice League clip that confirms the black suit is alive and well. In the footage, Superman can be seen descending on Bruce Wayne’s lake house, where he greets Alfred in something that definitely isn’t red and blue. Unlike the all-black “nightmare” suit, which we saw in 2013’s Man of Steel, this version appears to have a silver shield and gray cape. Pretty cool!

The director also revealed that he’ll be sharing a Justice League Snyder Cut trailer during the DC FanDome virtual event, which takes place on August 22. Apparently, this will just be a “teaser,” but it could give us a better idea of how this version compares to the original, ill-conceived release.

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