NVIDIA’s Mythical RTX 3090 Will Supposedly Offer 50 Percent Better Performance

Image: JDSP

Gather around, NVIDIA fans – it’s been exactly five minutes, which means that there’s another crazy GeForce RTX 30 series rumor to discuss and laugh about. This time, we’re hearing that green team’s RTX 3090, which may not even exist (in name, at least), will be 50 percent more powerful than the current RTX 2080 Ti flagship. More specifically, the rumor pertains to the GPU’s performance in TimeSpy Extreme – according to kopite7kimi, we should expect a 10,000-point increase with that benchmark.

As kopite7kimi later reminds us, this is strictly in rumor territory (we have no idea what the clocks look like, after all), but let’s suspend our belief for a moment and assume that this massive leap is true. Could the RTX 3090 actually be the new TITAN-class GPU? That’s what some folks seem to think, although it being the RTX 3080 Ti is another possibility. Of course, what we can be sure of at this point is that it’ll be very expensive.

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