Sources: AMD’s “Big Navi” Only 15 Percent Better Than RTX 2080 Ti

Image: AMD

We’ve heard a lot of rumors about how powerful AMD’s upcoming flagship GPU could be, but apparently, “Big Navi” may not be as big as Radeon fans might have hoped. According to tech YouTuber Corteks, who has shared information from sources in Asia, AMD’s high-end RDNA 2 GPUs are merely on par with green team’s GeForce RTX 2080 Ti. That’s not exactly disappointing (especially if they launch at a relatively lower price), but those of you who bought into those “NVIDIA Killer” rumors might be a bit upset.

“A best case scenario supposedly shared by AMD is that at most gamers should expect to get about 15% over the 2080ti in a select AMD ‘optimized’ titles,” wrote Corteks. “According to the same sources AMD is aiming to launch the ‘Big Navi’ as a direct competitor to the soon to be launched RTX 3080, and not as a competitor to NVidia’s highest performing part as has been widely reported (let alone beat it). Some have suggested that ‘Big Navi’ would be up to 50% faster in traditional rasterization than the RTX 2080ti but according to AMD’s partners that will not be the case.”

The new estimate does seem to be a lot more realistic for AMD, which has lagged behind NVIDIA for a couple of years now. In any case, we should be getting some hard numbers soon, as “Big Navi” will supposedly be unveiled in early September and launch on October 7.

“Pricing for the ‘Big Navi’ GPU will be determined by how much NVidia decides to sell the upcoming RTX 3080 for, with AMD looking to undercut said product,” Corteks added.

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