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Prominent leaker _rogame has shared a document (via VideoCardz) that reveals the purported shader engine (4), shader arrays per shader engine (2), and compute units per shader array (10) counts for AMD’s upcoming “Sienna Cichlid” GPU, otherwise known as “Big Navi.” Based on some simple math, these specifications suggest that red team’s next flagship Radeon card could boast 80 Compute Units (4 x 2 x 10), which would imply 5120 Stream Processors (80 x 64 cores).

In comparison, AMD’s Radeon RX 5700 XT only features 40 Compute Units and 2560 Stream Processors, so those earlier rumors of Big Navi offering twice the performance may actually be correct. There’s a possibility that the die will be cut down, resulting in a card with 72 Compute Units, but that would still be a pretty substantial improvement from the current flagship.

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  1. Or you know know they COULD have 160 Compute units and 10240 stream processors running on 5nm stacked dies, with integrated liquid cooling built into the card structure itself allowing direct die cooling and running at 300 volts or super wats or whatever the eff….

    I mean freaking seriously? Just double some metrics and say it could be this…

    Can someone put a chart together tracking all of the ‘leaks’ and my friend works at x and says it’s y… things we are treating as tech news? At least then we can throw a dart at it and pick what news article to go with next!

  2. chances are it won’t even be double 5700XT specs and fall flat short of anything respectable. This is RTG we’re talking about.

    Personally, I wouldn’t mind a massive card with 120-160 CU’s that draws stupid power and is only capable of running under water. Give it to me. Give all to me, baby!

  3. All this speculation is honestly getting old. Its always the same.
    Truth be told,Big Navi will fall somewhere between what is and what we want.
    It wont beat the new 3000 series and probably wont do Ray Tracing.
    But it will be cheaper .
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