[PR] Enermax Launches MarbleShell RGB Computer Cases

Image: Enermax

ENERMAX, a leading designer and manufacturer of high-performance PC hardware products, launches an addressable RGB computer case featuring modern front panel design, in which the dynamic lighting effects of the pre-installed addressable RGB intake fans will reflect from the gaps between the marble-styled front panel and deliver a stylish look. The MarbleShell series is designed with a tempered glass side panel and a multi-functional tunnel at the bottom which ensures a neat and tidy appearance inside the case. The series includes mini-tower and mid-tower versions; each version also has black and white colors available.

2 Ways to Control Addressable RGB Lighting Effects

MarbleShell series offers 2 ways of addressable RGB lighting control, one is connecting with addressable RGB-enabled motherboards which users can control the lighting effects by the motherboards’ software, the other is to select the pre-set 13 lighting effects by the top I/O port. This series further provides an integrated hub to keep 6 addressable RGB devices’ lighting in sync.

System Configuration

MarbleShell MS 20 is a mini-tower case and MarbleShell MS30 is a mid-tower case. Below is the system configuration comparison table:

 MarbleShell MS20MarbleShell MS30
Motherboard SupportMicro-ATX, Mini-ITXATX, Micro-ATX, Mini-ITX
Dimensons (D x W x H)417mm x 210mm x 400mm407 x 215 x 460mm
Fans Included2*120mm addressable RGB fans1*120mm Non-LED fan3*120mm addressable RGB fans1* 120mm Non-LED fan
Fans SupportFront: 140mm*2 fans / 120mm*3 fansTop: 140mm*2 fans / 120mm*2 fansRear: 120mm*1 fan Front: 140mm*2 fans / 120mm*3 fansTop: 140mm*2 fans / 120mm*2 fansRear: 120mm*1 fan 
Radiator SupportFront: 280mm/ 240mm radiatorRear: 120mm radiaotrFront: 360mm/ 280mm / 240mm radiatorTop: 240mm radiatorRear: 140mm / 120mm radiaotr
Maximum GPU Card Length368mm357mm
Maximum CPU Cooler Height164mm175mm
Expansion Slots47

MarbleShell series has pre-installed addressable RGB fans in the front and one case fan at the rear, which automatically generates optimized airflow through the computer case. Its modern and stylish front panel design, combining with the dynamic lighting effects through addressable RGB components, MarbleShell series is your perfect selection to decorate your room and be your gaming rig.

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