NVIDIA Could Make an Official RTX 30 Series Announcement on September 9

NVIDIA Logo Data Center Tweet

The wait is almost over folks! After what has seemed like an endless amount of rumors, we could be nearing an official announcement from green team in a matter of weeks. Steve Burke, over at Gamers Nexus, just spilled the beans that NVIDIA could be readying itself for an upcoming release event. While doing some follow-up with board partners on the latest rumor about the RTX 2070 SUPER being discontinued (spoiler: it’s not, at least not yet), he dug up a little more info.

Evidently, the big day could be coming on, or around, September 9. If true, this would actually align with another recent rumor that the RTX 30 series could launch on September 17th. Back in June, Igor’s Lab also produced a timetable that collaborates with these potential events. So far, Mr. Wallossek has been uncannily detailed with many of the RTX 30 series rumors as well. He was also one of the first to speak about NVIDIA’s new power connector and potential increased power needs of tensor cores for AI.

You can catch up on many of the rumors here. From potential fabrication nodes and cooler designs to possible models and variants, we’ve covered just about all of them so far. One detail that hasn’t really been leaked is price, but Burke mentioned that Jensen Huang has been known to decide such things right before taking the stage at events.

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