Intel to Battle AMD and NVIDIA with New Gaming-Optimized GPU Microarchitecture

Image: Intel

By now, you’re probably aware that Intel’s new “Xe” graphics architecture comprises three segments – LP (mobile), HP (workstation), and HPC (exascale) – but according to a new report from VideoCardz, Raja Koduri and his team are prepping an additional branch that’s designed specifically for gaming. This segment, dubbed Xe-HPG, is expected to deliver graphics cards that are capable of hardware-based ray tracing. They’ll also leverage GDDR6 memory, which isn’t too surprising.

“Intel has not confirmed the specifications of the GPU, but it was said that it features the GDDR6 memory subsystem to improve the performance per dollar ratio,” wrote VideoCardz. “On the other hand, the Xe-HP series will feature HBM memory.”

“NVIDIA introduced hardware raytracing 2 years ago with GeForce RTX 20 series. AMD is expected to launch its RDNA2-based graphics cards leveraging hardware raytracing later this year. Intel has also confirmed their Xe-HPG series will support hardware-accelerated raytracing.”

Is Intel capable of taking on Radeon and GeForce? We’ll find out next year, as the first Xe-HPG graphics cards will supposedly be shipping in 2021.

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