Huawei’s 24-Core Kunpeng CPU Reportedly Outperforms Intel’s i9-9900K

Image: Huawei

Huawei is about to release its first desktop computers, which will be powered by the company’s own 24-core, ARM-based Kunpeng 920 processors. China’s IT Home is reporting that these CPUs have very good multi-core performance, which shouldn’t be too surprising, considering the high core count. In fact, its multi-core performance is supposedly even better than Intel’s previous Core flagship, the i9-9900K.

“According to the news, Huawei’s desktop internal code Pangu, initially launched only one, using self-developed 24-core Kunpeng processor, 8GB notebook memory, 512GB Samsung SSD and AMD’s Radeon 520 graphics card,” IT Home wrote. “In addition, broke the news that the internal disclosure of this processor’s multi-core performance is slightly better than i9-9900K, single-core performance is not mentioned.”

Assuming that this is true (we’re not seeing any benchmarks here), Huawei appears to be making excellent headway in processor technology. China will definitely be pleased, since it intends to wean itself off foreign hardware and become a leader in the sector.

“This desktop is exclusively for government and enterprise customers,” IT Home added. “It is equipped with a domestic UOS system and cannot install Windows. In terms of expansion, this desktop does not support other types of graphics cards, and the CPU board cannot be removed.”

Here’s an overview of Huawei’s TaiShan v100 microarchitecture (via WikiChip), which the Kunpeng 920 series is based on.

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