Warner Bros Offers Clues for Upcoming Batman Game

Batman: Arkham Knights
Image: WB Games

It has been over five years since Batman: Arkham Knight was released. At launch, it was plagued by performance issues that led to the game being pulled until fixes were added. Fan reception was also considerably less positive compared to its predecessors. Some began to wonder if the franchise would be retired altogether. Shortly after, Telltale’s Batman series managed to reinvigorate fans of the cape and cowl until the studio closed in 2018. Not too long after that, in 2019, we began hearing how WB Games Montreal was working on another Batman title. Well, things are ramping up for DC’s FanDome event, and WB Games Montreal is beginning to offer hints of the upcoming game.

That seemingly cryptic tweet isn’t the only teaser. It also launched an official website titled R3DAKT3D. Another message is displayed there in a similarly themed style.

Image: WB Games

A number of titles have been rumored. It could be Batman: Gotham Knights, as reported by DSOG, or Batman: Court of Owls, or even Batman: Arkham Legacy. Based on the teasers, it will likely be closer to Court of Owls.

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