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Deadline has learned that Netflix has canceled Altered Carbon after two seasons. That’s not too surprising, since the second season, which released on February 27 and swapped Joel Kinnaman for Anthony Mackie in the Takeshi Kovacs role, failed to meet critical expectations. The second season also looked considerably cheaper, which suggests that Netflix had lost faith in the future of the series long ago.

Not surprisingly, the cancellation stems from a lack of viewership. “I hear Netflix’s decision not to proceed with further seasons was made in April and is not COVID-related but stems from the streamer’s standard viewership vs. cost renewal review process,” Deadline reported. “(Netflix recently canceled two previously renewed series, The Society and I Am Not OK With This, citing COVID-related circumstances.)”

Strangely, Altered Carbon is still unavailable to purchase on 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray, which is a shame because the first season’s excellent cinematography and higher production values deserve a higher bit rate and lossless audio track.

Sci-fi fans can look forward to new seasons of Katee Sackhoff’s Another Life and Hilary Swank’s Away on Netflix, which the streamer did renew.

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  1. That’s bummer. I admit I wasn’t as thrilled with the 2nd season but it wasn’t enough to make stop watching. However, still haven’t gotten around to watching that anime one they put out too.
  2. Yup.. the first season was great. Second… not so much. Oh well….

    Maybe they can pick up ‘Almost Human’. I need my sci-fi fix.

  3. Maybe they can pick up ‘Almost Human’. I need my sci-fi fix.

    From the 1st episode, I knew FOX would cancel that one. It was far too intelligent for their brand of sci-fi. I thought that show was incredible. Pretty good cast too.

  4. Yup.. the first season was great. Second… not so much. Oh well….

    Maybe they can pick up ‘Almost Human’. I need my sci-fi fix.

    Agreed. The first episode of the second season didn’t capture me like the first season did.

  5. Haven’t seen a show fall in quality this much between seasons. I loved season one it was great, then when I watched the first episode of season 2, I was like WTF is this? Haven’t even watched the first episode to the end, thrown this garbage out. I guess many others must have done the same for them to cancel it.
  6. Netflix is the new FOX… This is what Netflix does with most of their shows now.
    They release a new show and it seems everyone binges it without question. Then they will make a second season with a much smaller budget because everyone is going to watch it based on the first season, by the time people realize it’s bad Netflix has already made their money. They cancel the show and repeat with a new IP.

    They still have to keep some quality shows around so you’ll get some good stuff that will make it to a third season but most won’t unless it’s some kind of SJW sounding board.

    I still can’t believe Another Life is getting a second season, that was such poorly written and acted garbage, it must be cheaper to make than one would think.

  7. The first season was awesome. The second one, not so much. It wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t great either. It was more of the same and the actor playing the lead role wasn’t nearly as good. I have nothing against him, but it felt like Falcon hanging out in the Altered Carbon world rather than the previous character in a new body.

    But, given Altered Carbon’s extremely high cost to produce, this doesn’t surprise me in the slightest.

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