NVIDIA Now Owns 80 Percent of the GPU Market


As you might imagine, NVIDIA is selling a lot more GPUs than its primary competitor, AMD. Jon Peddie Research has revealed that green team now owns 80 percent of the discrete graphics card market, while red team is significantly behind at 20 percent. NVIDIA also increased its shipments by nearly 18 percent vs. the previous quarter, while AMD’s increased by 8.4 percent. Intel’s actually decreased by 2.7 percent.

The Highlights

  • AMD’s overall unit shipments increased by 8.4% quarter-to-quarter, Intel’s total shipments decreased by -2.7% from last quarter, and Nvidia’s increased by 17.8%.
  • The overall attach rate of GPUs (includes integrated and discrete GPUs, desktop, notebook, and workstations) to PCs for the quarter was 126% which was up by 2.3% from last quarter.
  • The overall PC market increased by 0.68% quarter-to-quarter and increased by 12.54% year-to-year.
  • Desktop graphics add-in boards (AIBs that use discrete GPUs) increased by 6.55% from last quarter.
  • Q2’20 saw no change in tablet shipments from last quarter.

“GPUs are traditionally a leading indicator of the market since a GPU goes into every system before suppliers’ ships the PC, most of the semiconductor vendors are guiding up for next quarter, by an average of 12%,” Jon Peddie Research noted. “Some of that guidance is based on normal seasonality, but there is also a factor for the Coronavirus impact.”

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