NVIDIA Updates Its All-In-One Benchmarking Tool, FrameView


NVIDIA has released a new version of its all-in-one benchmarking app, FrameView, which allows users to quickly and easily test key performance metrics (e.g., average/percentile frame rates and power efficiency). Some of the improvements in version 1.1 include additional metrics, such as CPU metrics and Render Present Latency, as well as improved log files and summaries.

New Features and Key Changes

  • Logs and Summary files have been completely restructured based on user feedback. Summary files now contain references to each log file in that directory – making it truly a summary of the benchmarking session
  • A new FrameView Excel Analyzer template that consumes log files and automatically creates charts that can be stylized to the reviewers needs
  • Vulkan Overlay support
  • PCAT integration such that power metrics can be added to the logs directly from PCAT
  • A new installer to make updating frameview easy
  • New metrics: CPU metrics, Render Present Latency, and system parameters

“The NVIDIA Reviewer Toolkit for Graphics Performance offers reviewers an easy way to measure more than just FPS when assessing the performance of a GPU,” NVIDIA wrote. “Using new innovative tools like LDAT and PCAT, reviewers can increase the quality of their review by adding both power and latency to their host of tests. For gamers, that means reviewers and influencers can more effectively help you take these important factors into consideration when looking for your next upgrade.”

FrameView forms part of NVIDIA’s new Reviewer Toolkit for Graphics Performance, which also comprises two hardware tools – Latency and Display Analysis Tool (LDAT) and Power Capture Analysis Tool (PCAT) – for measuring end-to-end system latency and total GPU board power, respectively.

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