CD PROJEKT RED Rejects $69.99 Pricing for Next-Gen Versions of Cyberpunk 2077

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Major game publishers such as 2K Games, Activision, and EA have already expressed their enthusiasm for selling PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X games at $69.99 – a $10 premium over the industry’s standard MSRP. CD PROJEKT RED doesn’t seem to be on board with that. During a recent Q&A session, VP of Business Development Michal Nowakowski confirmed that Cyberpunk 2077’s next-gen versions would remain priced at $59.99, which is great news for those of you who already pre-ordered and don’t want any last-second surprises.

Question: Can we expect that the price of CP2077 for next-gen consoles, developed in-house, which should be released next year, will be 70 USD/EUR ?

Nowakowski: In terms of EUR, 69.99 has actually been the full SRP (Suggested Retail Price) for the current generation already, for Xbox One, so yes, you should expect that the price is going to be priced around that marker in the Eurozone.

When it comes to USD, we launched our preorders at 60 USD and of course we’re going to keep that price for the consumers. We’re not going to change it at the last minute to 70 USD. So just to confirm – these prices are out in the market anyway; you can check them on various sites: 59.99 USD and 69.99 EUR is what we’re going for.

CD PROJEKT RED confirmed its stance in a subsequent question.

Question: Do you plan to price games on next-gen consoles at a premium, like it was recently announced by EA?

Nowakowski: I’m assuming you’re referring to the increased SRP in the US. As I mentioned when answering the previous question, we already announced–a while ago–preorders for our game in the US going at 59.99 and we’re not planning to change that price at the last minute.

It’s been out in the market and known to consumers for some time. In Europe, the game has been marketed by quite a few retailers for quite a while as well, so, in other words, we’re not planning to change where we are at the last minute for the consumers.

Does this mean that future CD PROJEKT RED titles will stay at the $59.99 point, too? Being that the company has built its reputation on consumer-friendly practices, that seems like a real possibility.

Tsing Mui
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