Custom Power Cabling for the GeForce RTX 30 Series Should Be Pretty Popular


Somebody on China’s Chiphell forums has shared an image of a GeForce RTX 3090 Founders Edition mounted inside of what is presumably a mid-tower PC case. As you might expect, NVIDIA’s “BFGPU” takes up quite a bit of space, being the thick, triple-slot hog that it is. The photo also shows us that hard drive cages might be a decent deterrent against sagging.

What really caught our eyes, though, is the side-mounted 12-pin power connector and adapter cabling. This is probably what you’d call a first-world problem, but it looks like a bit of a nightmare for diligent, OCD types who take pride in cable management. We’re guessing that the adapter shown here is the official one supplied by NVIDIA (it seems to line up with the one shown in the unboxing video that we shared earlier today), but it looks kind of unsightly, doesn’t it?

Image: rainbow2003 (Chiphell)

Cable ties might help a bit, but we’re thinking that custom 12-pin power cables from third-party vendors are going to be a huge hit for aesthetically minded enthusiasts who rock tempered-glass side panels and the like. We previously reported that Corsair is already working one, which is supposed to provide a cleaner, direct connection. Other big PSU manufacturers (e.g., Seasonic, BeQuiet!) are presumably working on their own versions, too.

Again, first-world problems, but it’s an arguable blemish on an otherwise awesome-looking graphics card design. The GeForce RTX 3090 Founders Edition will be available for $1,499 on September 24.

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