AMD Ryzen 5000 Series 12-Core, 8-Core CPUs Allegedly Spotted

Image: AMD

Many of us have assumed that AMD will be adopting the Ryzen 4000 Series naming convention for its upcoming lineup of Zen 3-based desktop processors. That may not be the case. According to software engineer Patrick Schur, there are already two Ryzen 5000 Series processors floating around somewhere: a “Ryzen 9 5900X” and “Ryzen 7 5800X.” These are purportedly 12-core and 8-core CPUs, respectively.

While there’s no way to confirm Schur’s discovery, the naming change makes a lot of sense. Skipping to the 5000 Series would allow AMD to align the branding of its desktop and mobile Ryzen processors, which are inconsistent and somewhat confusing right now (we’ve got Ryzen 3000 for desktop, but Ryzen 4000 for mobile). Additionally, this isn’t the first time we’ve heard of a potential jump to Ryzen 5000 – Chiphell users have been teasing this development since August.

Previously, Igor Wallossek shared information on Zen 3 engineering samples that alluded to boost clocks as high as 4.9 GHz. And according to VideoCardz’s sources, Ryzen 5000 constitutes a major redesign that brings plenty of improvements, such as better IPC, SMT, and performance per watt.

We should be learning a lot more about these processors next month. Last week, AMD announced that it would be holding two events in October, one of which will focus on Zen 3 (October 8).

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