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Earlier this week, Seasonic revealed that it would be doing a solid for current and prospective owners of NVIDIA’s new GeForce RTX 30 Series Founders Edition cards, which utilize a brand-new 12-pin power connector. Those of you who own a PRIME, FOCUS, or CORE Series power supply can get a custom 12-pin, micro-fit 3.0 cable free of charge by submitting a request on this page.

Seasonic has also shared a video that shows us exactly what it looks like. As you might expect, it’s a big step up from NVIDIA’s adapter in terms of both looks and convenience. The cable comprises 16 AWG wire and allows for a direct connection from the GPU to PSU.

“To maximize efficiency and achieve ultimate performance, Sea Sonic will deliver its 12-Pin, 9 A Terminals, Micro-Fit 3.0, 16 AWG VGA Cable to connect the VGA cards directly to any of the latest Seasonic PRIME, FOCUS and CORE Series units that conform to the wattage requirements of the card manufacturer,” Seasonic wrote.

“As always, Sea Sonic places emphasis on not just on ultimate performance and operation efficiency but long-term safety as well. For the best gaming and productivity experience for the end-users, these 12-pin, 9 A, high current terminal connectors are outfitted with high-quality 16 AWG wires, which ensure compatibility and stability for current and future product releases.”

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  1. Bottom line is if you are buying a power supply, make sure it’s a Seasonic or built by Seasonic for a 3rd party. And never, EVER buy EVGA power supplies. I’m not a shill for Seasonic, and I own an EVGA GTX 1080, but ever since EVGA shown they cannot be trusted by Kyle over at HardOCP, I have encouraged all to just buy the best and be done with it. They cost more generally, but when you get a 10+ year Warranty, shouldn’t you expect to pay more for the HEART of your system?

    And now they are giving this special cable adapter for FREE to owners of these new cards…. why buy a PS from anyone else?

  2. Nice! I just moved to a SeaSonic PRIME PSU last year from a Corsair unit.
    [QUOTE=”primetime, post: 18577, member: 70″]
    I don’t recall Kyle ever saying EVGA couldn’t be trusted
    I don’t, either. If I remember correctly, it was the usual case of EVGA not liking that their reviews were not glowing, so EVGA stopped sending them samples. EVGA uses Super Flower for their OEM in a couple of their product lines, so they sell some high-quality power supply units.

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