ASUS ROG STRIX GeForce RTX 3080 OC Has the Highest Clock Speed Yet

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Image: ASUS

ASUS has listed the specifications for the overclocked version of its ROG STRIX GeForce RTX 3080 graphics card. The GPU features a 1,905 MHz boost clock in Gaming Mode, and a 1,935 MHz boost clock in OC mode. That makes it one of the most impressive GeForce RTX 3080 models that have been listed thus far.

Echoing a ranking shared by VideoCardz, the overclocked ROG STRIX GeForce RTX 3080 boosts 13 percent higher than NVIDIA’s Founders Edition, which is limited to 1.71 GHz at stock. It also beats out competitors such as MSI’s GAMING X TRIO and GIGABYTE’s GAMING OC, although the differences are arguably negligible (5 or 6 percent).

In comparison, the standard ROG STRIX GeForce RTX 3080 model features a 1,710 MHz boost clock in Gaming Mode and 1,740 MHz boost clock in OC mode. The base clock of both models is 1,440 MHz.

We’re guessing that ASUS’s overclocked ROG STRIX will have competition on the clock-war front soon, but prospective GeForce RTX 3080 owners who are looking for the cream of the crop may want to keep an eye out for this one. Unfortunately, ASUS hasn’t shared any dates of availability. MSRP is also unclear, but the standard models are already being listed for over $800.

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