Starfield: First Alleged Screenshots of Bethesda’s Sci-Fi RPG Leaked

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Image: Bethesda Game Studios

The first alleged screenshots of Bethesda’s ultra-secretive (and heavily hyped) sci-fi RPG – Starfield – have begun circulating on social media.

We’re not sure where they originated from (nor can we confirm their authenticity), but they do look a lot like something running on the developer’s tried-and-true Creation Engine (Gamebryo). The art direction also seems to have a Fallout vibe to it.

You can check out the screenshots directly below. One of the more interesting things you’ll notice is the minimalist HUD, which includes a dial with oxygen and carbon dioxide readings. Players will presumably be tasked with managing multiple life-support systems in order to stay alive in space.

We can only speculate what the other UI elements mean. One seems to indicate where the closest major star is shining from, while the “G” meter presumably relates to gravity.

According to users on r/Starfield, the screenshots are probably legit based on the spacesuit’s decal, which can supposedly be seen in the original announcement trailer (see below). The HUD’s font is also a perfect match for what Bethesda is using for the official Starfield website.

Microsoft has already confirmed that Starfield will be available on its game subscription service, Xbox Game Pass. Unfortunately, it could be years before the game actually comes out.

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