NVIDIA’s Latest Driver Fixes GeForce RTX 3080 Crashes, Users Say

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We reported on the release of NVIDIA’s GeForce Game Ready 456.55 WHQL driver earlier today. In its release notes, green team mentioned that the driver “improves stability in certain games on RTX 30 Series GPUs.” That statement might actually be true.

We’re seeing an increasing amount of reports on r/NVIDIA from users who are claiming that their cards are no longer crashing after updating to the new driver, even when boost clocks are set loose.

“MSI Ventus 3X 10G OC 3080 owner here,” one redditor wrote. “I had been running an undervolt/reduced boost clock so things would be stable, but I reset everything after doing a clean driver install with these latest drivers. Assassin’s Creed Origins used to crash as reliably as the sun rises each day, but it doesn’t now.”

“3080 gigabyte gaming oc owner here,” posted another. “Installed 456.55 drivers. G-sync still working with my CHG9G samsung monitor. I previously had to downclock by 75mhz in aorus engine.”

“I set everything back to default on aorus engine, rebooted, then fired up some games (anthem, elite dangerous, starcitizen, mw5, TW warhammer II, jedi fallen order, world of warships, kingdom come).”

“Previously, yes they pretty much all crashed whenever the gpu boosted past 2ghz. Now, max boost from stock default settings is 2.025, running anthem in the background it’s currently at 2.010, no crashes so far (knock on wood).”

“Just to let 3080 users know that I’ve tested this on Horizon Zero Dawn, MW Warzone and MP and am yet to experience a crash on stock clocks,” said a third. “Previously I couldn’t run on stock clocks for longer than 5 mins without a crash.”

If you’re a custom GeForce RTX 3080 owner who has experienced improvements with NVIDIA’s GeForce Game Ready 456.55 WHQL driver, let us know. The amount of drama regarding capacitors has enthusiasts convinced that there is definitely a hardware issue (actually, the actions of a few AIB/AICs have seemingly confirmed that), but early adopters should be happy to hear that some problems could be remedied via software.

Tsing Mui
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