Mobile NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Spotted

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It has been almost a month since the official announcement for NVIDIA’s Ampere-based desktop GeForce RTX lineup. Following that, we are starting to get bits of info regarding their mobile counterparts. The latest is a leaked image found by VideoCardz along with partial specs from NotebookCheck. The image could be for NVIDIA’s Ampere-based mobile GeForce RTX 3070 laptop variant, expected to launch in 2021.

As is somewhat normal for mobile GPUs, this could be the less powerful version of its NVIDIA GeForce 3070 desktop counterpart. For the last generation, NVIDIA started labeling these as Max-Q. However, both are still based on the GA104 GPU. This one is suspected to be the previously discovered GN20-E5-A1.

Image: NGA via @9550pro

Partial Specs

In the above image, we see it using SK hynix GDDR6 modules totaling 8 GB on a 256-bit bus. Since there are eight modules, it’s pretty safe to assume they’re all 1 GB. These memory modules are the same used by AMD for its Radeon Pro 5500M. There should also be support for PCIe 4.0 and DP 1.4b. If it’s a Max-Q variant, the TGP is estimated to be around 80–90 watts. There may be two other more powerful variants with an increased TGP of either 115 or 125 watts. This strategy would also follow suit with NVIDIA’s previous mobile variants.

As of yet, there is no official word from NVIDIA regarding this new mobile GPU, but it is believed it may announce it at CES 2021. Core counts and clock speeds are also unknown, but it is probable that leaks for those are forthcoming, as that has become the norm when we get closer to official announcements.

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