AMD Climbs to over 25 Percent Market Share in Steam Hardware Survey

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Image: AMD

AMD has been steadily gaining popularity among PC enthusiasts over the last few years. The last two generations of Ryzen have proven to be extremely successful among those looking for the best value and performance. Reviews both here and across the internet show how they often meet or surpass similar Intel counterparts for those not wanting to break the bank at the highest-priced processor tiers. It doesn’t hurt that some socket platforms allow upgrade paths for future generations, either. By supporting sockets for multiple generations, users can often save money to put toward CPU upgrades for years to come. What has often held some from switching over is their single-core performance, but that has been changing.

The latest Steam Hardware Survey shows AMD processors have reached over 25 percent market share. In fact, they have been gaining by roughly one percent each month since spring. This trend is unlikely to slow down and could even pick up momentum in the coming months. Recent leaks about the upcoming Zen 3 product stack show claims that AMD could finally be closing the gap of the highly sought-after 5 GHz clock speeds as well. They may or may not break that barrier, but it would be quite the achievement. Up until now, this has mainly been exclusive to Intel’s top-tier processors. Earlier this week, we even saw a 5800x reportedly beat an Intel Core i9-10900K in a benchmark.

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