Alphacool Releasing Water Block for MSI GeForce RTX 3080/3090 VENTUS 3X

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Image: Alphacool

Meet the new Eisblock (Iceblock) Aurora GPX-N RTX 3080/3090 graphics card water cooler. Someone at Alphacool must have taken notice that MSI’s VENTUS cards have been some of the very few that people could buy. Not to say that the well-known cooling company wouldn’t have released one anyways, but it makes sense to release the product when its accompanying graphics cards are out in the wild. They are still hard to find, though. These new water blocks are designed to fit the reference design used for both the MSI GeForce RTX 3080 and 3090 VENTUS 3X graphics cards. Potential buyers will also be happy to know that they include a backplate.

Image: Alphacool

Design Improvements

During the development of the Eisblock Aurora GPX-N RTX 3080/3090 graphics card water cooler, the value was of course also placed on increasing the performance. In the first step, the cooler was brought closer to the individual components by reducing the heat-conducting pads to a thickness of 1 mm. In the second step, the nickel-plated copper block was also made thinner. Instead of the previous 7 mm, it is now only 5.5 mm thick. The water flow has also been optimized inside the cooler. All important components such as the voltage converter and the RAM are now cooled significantly better and more effectively by the water. All of this ensures a significant increase in cooling performance.

Image: Alphacool

Other Changes

Alphacool of course only uses copper in its water coolers. The copper on the Aurora GPX-N RTX 3080/3090 is nickel-plated. Compared to the previous models, however, Alphacool has improved the type of nickel plating, which significantly increases the acid resistance.

The graphics card water cooler Eisblock Aurora GPX-N RTX 3080/3090 also uses the new patented locking screws, which are flush with the surface of the terminal. The Alphacool logo is now in the corner on the top and is also fully illuminated. Corresponding designations of the compatible graphics card types can be seen on the front of the terminal. Of course, these are also fully illuminated by the digital LEDs. IN and OUT are now identified by small, discreet triangles. They are easily recognizable and fit perfectly into the entire optical line of the graphics card water cooler.

Alphacool is taking preorders for the Eisblock on its website. They are sold out at the moment but expected to be back in stock and shipping within one to two days. If only it was that easy to get a 3080/3090 right now. The Eisblock is being sold for €126.99, which includes VAT and shipping. That currently converts to around $149.36.

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