Danish Retailer Reports on Record-Low RTX 30 Series Cards Received from Manufacturers

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It has been nearly a month since NVIDIA’s Ampere-based GeForce RTX cards launched. To this day, they seem almost mythical in both performance and availability. Spending hours, days, or weeks mashing F5 doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be successful in getting one, either. Danish retailer Proshop has done something unprecedented. It’s published charts detailing all orders from manufacturers for the GeForce RTX 3070/3080/3090 cards. Thanks to Guru3D for spotting this. Let’s hope it doesn’t get penalized for the seemingly cardinal sin of speaking about Fight Club, since no other retailers have felt the need to come public with similar info. Below are four charts, one for each card type, followed by a breakdown.

GeForce RTX 3070 Series

Item no.ProducerModelCustomer ordersOrdered from prod.UnderwayReceived
2876843ASUSRTX 3070 STRIX030000
2876845ASUSRTX 3070 STRIX OC03404020
2876851ASUSRTX 3070 DUAL030000
2876853ASUSRTX 3070 DUAL OC0340400
2876854ASUSRTX 3070 TUF030000
2876856ASUSRTX 3070 TUF OC06001000
2876871MSIRTX 3070 GAMING X TRIO030000
2876873MSIRTX 3070 VENTUS 2X OC020080
2876875MSIRTX 3070 VENTUS 3X OC020080
2878385GigabyteRTX 3070 EAGLE010000
2878386GigabyteRTX 3070 EAGLE OC030005
2878390GigabyteRTX 3070 GAMING OC030000

GeForce RTX 3080 Series

Item no.ProducerModelCustomer ordersOrdered from prod.UnderwayReceived
2876763ASUSRTX 3080 TUF10242000030
2876861ASUSRTX 3080 TUF OC96720005325
2876857ASUSRTX 3080 STRIX8120000
2876859ASUSRTX 3080 STRIX OC355500700
2876835GigabyteRTX 3080 AORUS Master22200012
2876836GigabyteRTX 3080 AORUS Xtreme7620000
2876837GigabyteRTX 3080 EAGLE OC136500015
2876838GigabyteRTX 3080 GAMING OC595000111
2878401GigabyteRTX 3080 VISION OC17100015
2876876MSIRTX 3080 GAMING TRIO 10G3520000
2876877MSIRTX 3080 GAMING X TRIO 10G5261000036
2876878MSIRTX 3080 VENTUS 3X 10G1420000
2876879MSIRTX 3080 VENTUS 3X 10G OC935000100
2878968Inno3dRTX 3080 Twin X2 OC2020000
2878969Inno3dRTX 3080 iChill X325000
2878971Inno3dRTX 3080 iChill X485000

GeForce RTX 3090 Series

Item no.ProducerModelCustomer ordersOrdered from prod.UnderwayReceived
2876764ASUSRTX 3090 TUF5220007
2876869ASUSRTX 3090 TUF OC13601016
2876865ASUSRTX 3090 STRIX810000
2876867ASUSRTX 3090 STRIX OC145345450
2876840GigabyteRTX 3090 AORUS Master110000
2876839GigabyteRTX 3090 AORUS Xtreme2210000
2876841GigabyteRTX 3090 EAGLE OC1330005
2876842GigabyteRTX 3090 GAMING OC2300021
2878410GigabyteRTX 3090 TURBO01000
2876880MSIRTX 3090 GAMING TRIO 24G05000
2876881MSIRTX 3090 GAMING X TRIO 24G16100013
2876882MSIRTX 3090 VENTUS 3X 24G85000
2876883MSIRTX 3090 VENTUS 3X 24G OC0100016
2878977Inno3dRTX 3090 GAMING X335000
2878978Inno3dRTX 3090 iChill X302000
2878979Inno3dRTX 3090 iChill X402000

So, it may not have all the major manufacturers listed, but even with these four, we start to get a pretty clear picture of the numbers. In total, Proshop reported on 44 different models. Next, we have a chart of the grand totals.

ModelCustomer ordersOrdered from prod.UnderwayReceived
RTX 3070 Series0358019625
RTX 3080 Series34358400123344
RTX 3090 Series28319055578
Grand Totals371813885374447


Now, as the RTX 3070 has not officially launched yet, it is understandable why there are zero customer orders. However, it too shares a similar disparity of what Proshop has ordered compared to their underway/received numbers. Looking at the RTX 3080 series, we see that out of 8,400 cards ordered, there’s less than 500 combined for underway and received. The RTX 3090 is a mixed bag, as some were launched while others were delayed. In either case, it also shares the consistent pattern of extremely low amounts of cards making it to the retailer from the manufacturers. So, there you have it. Some cold, hard numbers on what one retailer has experienced with this underwhelming launch that has left many wondering if they’ll even be able to purchase a card before NVIDIA starts launching refreshes or variants.

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