Sony Releases Video Comparing Monster Hunter Movie vs. the Game

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Image: Sony Pictures

Sony has released a new video for its upcoming Monster Hunter movie. In it, we see director Paul W.S. Anderson sit down with the game’s creators. The video showcases how some of the monsters compare to their game versions.

It’s fair to say that many fans are still on the fence with the obvious rewrites being done, but these snapshots do give some hope. The creators seem to be extremely pleased with the monster’s new incarnations as well. We’ve captured the comparisons for closer examination below. Enjoy!


Here, we have the monster called the Diablos shown from the opening scene in the first teaser trailer. The resemblance to its game counterpart is fairly accurate.

Image: Sony Pictures


Next, we have a pretty fierce-looking Rathalos. This flying wyvern (which has been featured in every game) looks faithful for its debut on the big screen. Fans of dragons should enjoy seeing this one wreak havoc.

Image: Sony Pictures


These images aren’t side by side, but they provide a wider vantage point of a pack of Apceros. They show the game’s mostly docile monsters at a local watering hole. The game’s creators comment on how the filmmakers were able to create something that they couldn’t in the games.

Image: Sony Pictures
Image: Sony Pictures

Monster Hunter: The Movie is planned for release in theaters this December.

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