Infinity Ward Is Finally Letting Call of Duty: Modern Warfare PC Players Free Up Disk Space

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Image: Infinity Ward

Something that Call of Duty: Modern Player players have really enjoyed over the past few months is making fun of the first-person shooter’s ridiculous disk space requirement. As we previously reported, the game’s minimum specifications now include 246 GB of storage space, which means that it can’t even fit on lower-capacity SSDs (remember, a 250 GB only gives you around 232 GB of space to work with).

While nobody likes whiners, all of the fuss made over Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s absurd file size (which continues to grow, by the way) appears to have paid off, as Infinity Ward’s production director has revealed that the PC version will be getting an update tomorrow that allows users to uninstall portions of the title.

“Tomorrows update will have mode specific uninstall options for PC MW owners,” Paul Haile wrote.

We’re not sure how much space can be recuperated with the removal of each game mode (e.g., campaign), but this is definitely good news for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare PC players who’d like to give their SSDs more breathing room. The update should put the PC version in line with the console versions, which already let players delete content they have no interest in.

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