AMD Launching Ryzen 5 5600 in January for $220?

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Image: AMD

At the shock of absolutely no one, AMD is reportedly prepping another Zen 3 desktop processor called the Ryzen 5 5600, which will presumably trail the “X” model with a slightly slower boost clock and substantially lower TDP. You may be interested to know that the mid-range CPU could launch just a few months after the flagship SKUs, however.

According to an article excerpt spotted by harukaze, AMD will release the base version of the Ryzen 5 5600 in “early 2021” for $220. VideoCardz notes that the launch will happen at the same that AMD releases its Zen 3 AGESA/BIOS updates for X470/B450 motherboards, which suggests that they could hit shelves in January or February (“customers should expect first beta releases for AMD 400 Series motherboards starting in January 2021,” an official slide reads).

harukaze points out that the Ryzen 5600X falls in line with Intel’s Core i7-10700. Being that Intel’s processor costs around $320, pricing for AMD’s Ryzen 5 5600 seems especially attractive when you consider the fact that it can be properly overclocked – there may be enough headroom to put it over the Core i5-10600, and possibly near the Core i7-10700.

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