Cyberpunk 2077 players should have no problem getting around the massive, spiraling mazes of streets, districts, and mega structures that make up Night City. In a new video called “Rides of the Dark Future,” CD PROJEKT RED demonstrated the incredible assortment of vehicles that V (the player-controlled protagonist) will be able drive as s/he seeks the key to immortality.

There are at least five types of vehicle classes: Economy, Executive, Heavy Duty, Sport, and Hypercars. The Economy class comprises utility cars and other “low-end clunkers,” while the more impressive Executive class features limousine-like, six-wheeled luxury vehicles. Players who have an appetite for destruction can lean into the Heavy Duty class, which includes garbage trucks and other industrial machines for power and brute force.

As players rise up in rank, they’ll get access to zippier sport cars with powerful engines and exchangeable parts. These lead the way to Cyberpunk 2077’s premiere class of vehicles, the Hypercars, which boast supreme speed, armor, and even built-in lidar arrays.

While the majority of vehicles are completely original, Cyberpunk 2077 will feature some real-life cars. That would include the iconic Porsche 911, which is teased at the end of the video by Keanu Reeves’s character, Johnny Silverhand.

You can check out “Rides of the Dark Future” below, as well as numerous other videos presented during the latest episode of Night City Wire. These include a beautiful cinematic called “The Diner,” as well as a feature showcasing the collaboration between CD PROJEKT RED and Reeves’s custom-motorcycle company, ARCH Motorcycle, which lent authentic engine sounds to the game.

Cyberpunk 2077 will be released on November 19 for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Google Stadia.

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  1. How did they get Porsche in the game when not even Gran Turismo could get Porsche back in the day?

  2. Not buying this till I get my hands on a 3xxx series GPU. I don’t like porsches anyways, ugly cars.

  3. [QUOTE=”MadMummy76, post: 21014, member: 1298″]
    Nothing says bad-*** better than driving a classic sports car in a cyberpunk setting.
    As someone who has driven a septic truck in Saint’s Row 2 while spraying the contents of the truck on everyone and everything I would have to disagree. :p

  4. [QUOTE=”SmokeRngs, post: 21136, member: 117″]
    As someone who has driven a septic truck in Saint’s Row 2 while spraying the contents of the truck on everyone and everything I would have to disagree. :p
    I did that too. But it’s not my idea of fun times.

  5. [QUOTE=”Riccochet, post: 21145, member: 4″]
    wonder if this game will get some good RP support.
    As its single player I would wonder at that. But if the immersion is good and its open world enough I don’t seenwhy not. Run a gang or a small corp. Even getting a building.. or if what I gleaned.. a private satellite.

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