Intel Planning 10 Xeon Processor Series to Counter AMD’s EPYC

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Image: Intel

Thanks to a leaked roadmap shared by VideoCardz, we have a pretty good idea of what Intel is developing to compete with AMD’s EPYC processor lineup over the next few years.

The roadmap lists multiple Xeon series for the entry, mainstream, and “dense” (HPC/AI/HCI) markets. These include the D50TNP (Tennessee Pass) and Denali Pass (Eagle Stream) series, which target high-powered servers, as well as the North Pass (Whitley) and 1S Multipurpose (Tatlow) series for value-based servers.

While its text is rather hazy and impossible to make out in some parts, the roadmap seems to confirm that Denali Pass will include DDR5 memory (up to 16 DIMMs) and PCIe 5.0 support.

Dense (HPC, AI, HCI)

  • D50TNP (Tennessee Pass)
    • ICX
      • 24 DIMMs (16 DDR4, 8 Barlow Pass), four module types (Compute, Service, Storage, Accelerator)
  • Denali Pass (Eagle Stream)
    • Sapphire Rapids
      • 16 DIMMs DDR5, PCIe Gen 5, PVC Support
  • American Pass (Whitley)
    • ICX
      • 24 DIMMs (16 DDR4, 8 Barlow Pass), 3U/4N Rear I/O Chassis, U.2/E0SFF
  • Dense HCI (Sapphire Rapids)
    • Sapphire Rapids


  • M50CYP (Coyote Pass) ICX
    • Ice Lake
      • 32 DIMMs, up to 16 NVM/DIMM, 8 PCIe slots
  • Fox Creek Pass (Eagle Stream)
    • Sapphire Rapids
      • 32 DIMMs, up to 16 NVM/DIMM, 8 PCIe slots
  • Kelton Pass 4S (Cedar Islands)
    • CPX-6
  • 1S Perf/High I/O
    • Ice Lake or Sapphire Rapids


  • North Pass (Whitley)
    • Ice Lake
  • 1S Multipurpose (Tatlow)
    • Rocket Lake
      • 4 UDIMMS, 3 PCIe slots, up to 95 W TDP, 8 SATA, 2x M.2

You can check out the roadmap below for the complete details. Each family is color coded based on its phase: green (shipping), blue (in development), purple (planning), and orange (concept).

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