Microsoft Is Delivering Life-Sized Xbox Series X Refrigerators

Image: iJustine

Something that gamers have been joking about is how much Microsoft’s flagship next-gen console, the Xbox Series X, looks like a miniature refrigerator. We’re not really seeing it, but that hasn’t stopped Microsoft’s marketing department from turning memes into reality by delivering an actual Xbox Series X refrigerator to popular tech YouTuber iJustine.

Having spared no expense, Microsoft delivered the limited-edition product in a massive crate that mimics the console’s product packaging. From the glowing Xbox logo to Ultra HD Blu-ray slot, the fridge itself is a dead ringer for the actual system.

While we would have liked to see Phil Spencer jump out to surprise everybody, opening up the fridge did reveal green lighting, which is a nice touch.

We don’t think Sony will bother duplicating this stunt, as the PlayStation 5 is already big enough as it is.

Apparently, Microsoft is sending out Xbox Series X refrigerators to a whole bunch of celebrities. That would include Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr., who we better know as Snoop Dogg.

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