Michael Keaton Could Star in HBO Max Batman Beyond Series

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The latest rumor is that HBO Max is planning a live-action Batman Beyond series with Michael Keaton returning as an older Bruce Wayne. Small Screen has exclusive sources stating that he is taking the part. The publication has no less than three different sources quoting that the actor has already signed on. If true, this indicates that HBO Max is doubling down with its DC properties in light of Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

It’s ironic that someone who many reviewers initially ridiculed for donning the cape and cowl has become such a huge fan favorite over time. It just goes to show that you can’t always rely on movie reviewers. Back in 1989, when Tim Burton took the reins to bring the caped crusader back to modern cinema, he was criticized for casting Michael Keaton and his use of darker imagery. Since then, that imagery has gone on to inspire a plethora of animated series, along with live-action films.

His influence didn’t stop there, either, as that version of Batman has been constantly referenced in numerous television shows including The Flash (1990). Recent news of Michael Keaton returning to play the character in the upcoming Flash movie has also been well received. It seems that the folks over HBO Max have even more ideas about the future of Bruce Wayne, though.

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Batman Beyond

Something that many have wondered is why the character keeps being rebooted when there’s so much more material that takes place in his later years. Seriously, do we need another flashback to that fateful night in the alley again? Exactly what cave is someone living in to not know the character at this point? Back in 1999, Batman Beyond dared to do just that and go beyond other stories written about Bruce Wayne. Set far into the future, we see a much older Bruce who has obviously retired from crime fighting. Once again, a potential ward discovers the Batcave, and you can guess what happens from there.

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