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Update 11/14: Another Ubisoft support staff member has claimed the opposite, noting that Achievements are coming.

“Just to clarify, the misunderstanding on our part was that achievements had been discontinued – they haven’t! The original information was correct, and they are indeed being worked on. Achievements are coming!,” Ubi-Woofer wrote.

It isn’t clear why the PC version of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla failed to ship with Achievements.

Original Story:

For some inexplicable reason, Ubisoft decided to release Assassin’s Creed Valhalla on PC without Achievements. We’ve now learned that this is an intentional change that will carry over to future titles released on the PC platform.

“Achievements are not not available for this title on PC, and this is an intended change,” Ubisoft wrote. “Instead of Achievements for new games on Ubisoft Connect, instead we have expanded the Challenges, which provide XP and other rewards in Ubisoft Connect.”

The change has pissed off a lot of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla players, many of whom have pointed out that Challenges are in no way comparable to Achievements. One user has even accused Ubisoft of false advertising, noting that marketing materials allude to Achievements being in the game.

“On the landing page for Ubisoft connect, near the bottom, the page for Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla is clearly seen and the achievements tab is there,” SwanEonson33 wrote. “I should then be able to assume the real client would have there features but it does not.”

It isn’t clear whether Ubisoft plans to expand its limited Challenges feature, but Assassin’s Creed Valhalla players who wish to play the game with Achievements will need to opt for the console versions.

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  1. Can we also mention the idiotic move to rebrand uplay as ubisoft connect? The old flows off the tongue the new name is impractical, too long. Why did it need rebranding in the first place?

  2. [QUOTE=”Grimlakin, post: 23436, member: 215″]
    Because it wasn’t branded ubisoft some people didn’t know. That’s my best guess.
    That makes sense. Reflects the rebranding of Origin to EA Desktop. The erasure of long had features in the client is confusing, though.

  3. Meh, as long as I need to create an account with either of them I’m not buying.

    I’ll clamor to my Steam and only steam as a store until the day I die.

    I have a strict no new accounts, and no new apps policy.

  4. [QUOTE=”Grimlakin, post: 23436, member: 215″]
    Because it wasn’t branded ubisoft some people didn’t know. That’s my best guess.
    Most users keep referring to it as uplay, including me, this will only lead to confusion when new users appear who never knew it as uplay.

  5. [QUOTE=”AntiQuark, post: 23472, member: 83″]
    Ubisoft uplay would have been far better.
    No confusion.
    Ubisoft Play would cause confusion with EA Play, though, since the latter is a subscription service. People are stupid like that.

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  7. [QUOTE=”DrezKill, post: 23586, member: 230″]
    [URL unfurl=”true”][/URL]
    Not surprising that communication in such a big company would be inconsistent, though it also wouldn’t be surprising if they didn’t think that removing achievements on the PC version would gain so much negative attention.

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