Apple May Release iPad Pro Tablets with OLED Displays in 2021

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Image: Apple

Apple’s iPad Pro tablets are beautifully designed, but a good amount of them suffer from something that plagues most any device leveraging LCD panels: backlight bleed. A quick Google search will prove just how prevalent this unsightly issue is, but luckily, glowing corners may be a thing of the past, as TheElec has reported that next year’s iPad Pro update could ditch LCDs for OLED displays.

“Samsung Display and LG Display, which currently supplies OLED panels for iPhones, were currently developing the new OLED panel for the new tablets that will likely launch in the second half of 2021,” TheElec reported.

Aside from completely eliminating the backlight bleed issue, OLED adoption should ensure that iPad Pro tablets have some of the best display technology on the market, excelling the current generation’s “Liquid Retina” technology with even better colors and inky blacks. While OLED burn-in may be a concern, Samsung and LG’s displays will supposedly deter that issue by implementing multiple emitting layers.

“Tandem structure allows two to three emitting layers to be stacked; this is done to extend the life of the emitting layer compared to using just one layer,” The Elec explained. […] “Having just one emitting layer may inadvertently cause burn-in from the blue OLED losing brightness from extended use.”

Apple is said to continue using direct backlight LCD panels for new iPad Pro models launching in the first half of 2021, however. These will be thicker than the edge-to-edge design utilized in the current tablet but offer improved contrast ratios via local dimming.

Tsing Mui
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