Image: Crucial

We’ve been seeing a number of extreme records being made with DDR4 RAM lately, but it appears that overclockers aren’t even close to pushing modern memories to their absolute limits yet. An enthusiast from China, BABY-J, has managed to score a new memory frequency record by breaking the 7 GHz barrier with Crucial’s Ballistix MAX DDR-4000 RAM. The previous record was set by bianbao XE, who secured a devilish 6,666 MHz in August.

BABY-J achieved the new world record with an AMD Ryzen 5 PRO 4650G “Renoir” processor, MSI MEG B550 UNIFY-X motherboard, and, of course, some LN2. It’ll be interesting to see what overclockers do with the next generation of memory, DDR5, which provides double the bandwidth (up to 6.4 Gbps).

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  1. Perhaps the most impressive part here is that the timings are hardly bad; 26 tRCRD at 7000 MT/s is the same as 14 tRCRD at 3800 MT/s – something my little dual-rank Sammy B kit requires 1.58v to hold stable!

    Now of course, I have my doubts that this particular DDR4-7000 config is stable for Many Hours considering that it requires sub-ambient temperatures on top of being a Record Run (i.e. only as stable as the benchmark requires to pass) – but it’s still very nice to see Good Timings on a frequency record.

  2. I would like to see those guys achieve things like that with store bought hardware iso hand picked donated stuff that us mere mortals have a very slim chance of aquiring due to the silicon lottery gods.

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