DOOM Eternal Coming to Xbox Game Pass for PC on December 3

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Image: id Software

DOOM Eternal is already available for the console tier of Xbox Game Pass, but soon, PC subscribers will be able to get in on the demon-slaying fun. Bethesda announced today that id Software’s critically acclaimed FPS would be released on Xbox Game Pass for PC on December 3, which is less than two days away.

The timing could have been better for some, as many gamers probably picked up DOOM Eternal from one of the countless Black Friday sales that ran through the weekend, but Xbox Game Pass for PC subscribers who missed out on those definitely have nothing to complain about.

DOOM Eternal’s Xbox Game Pass announcement coincides with the release of a brand-new Master Level dubbed “Super Gore Nest,” which comprises a remixed level containing tougher enemies and alternate combat encounters to challenge players. Those who survive and complete its challenges can unlock various rewards, such as a nifty shotgun skin.

“Show off your Master Level prowess to the world by taking on the Super Gore Nest Master Level’s various difficulties and modes,” Bethesda wrote. “Each time you complete one of these challenges, you unlock a special cosmetic reward and get closer to Super Gore Nest’s ultimate prize: The Gold Combat Shotgun skin.”

Super Gore Nest also includes a “Classic Mode” that echoes DOOM’s old-school origins by starting players off with the Combat Shotgun and nothing else. Completing it will unlock a Classic Green Slayer skin.

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